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The 7 Day Reset

The 7 Day Reset


A 7-day reset routine for detox is one of the best ways to get the most out of your goals. Introducing a detox routine and structure goes a long way to give you a sense of control towards your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Whichever your goal is, you are sure to use the 7-day program to clean any toxins from your body, strengthen your muscles and get into the perfect nutritional balance and routine that you can continue using n the entirety of your life. To have a healthy life, you will need to eat well. 

The 7-day reset plan is set to help you also get to reboot and get a refreshed routine to make your meals healthier both at home and even when you opt for take-outs from chain restaurants anywhere you travel. It encompasses everything you can think of, including workouts, meal plan recipes, and other vital plans to get you going. Below is a comprehensive guideline of setting up and what to include in your 7-day reset program to achieve the maximum output within just one week. Workout and diet are the two main critical points for the reset process.

The Workout Process

The workout plan doesn’t need to be so complicated to get the most out of the routine, neither does it have to be perfect. There are thousands of workout routines out there with promises to give you the best, but it all comes down to some preferences since what works with other people doesn’t necessarily mean it will work with you too. 

The 7-day workout plan is a mixture of workout movements such as sculpt and cardio and recovery for specific times such as 1 hour per session per day. The workout challenge includes the use of equipment and movements that anyone can do no matter your geolocation. If you don’t have access to equipment, don’t worry about it since most of the workouts require just using your body and total commitment.

If you have a couple of equipment or have access to the gym, consider using the following: hand weights, gliders, ankle band, light ankle weights. Having just a few for a start is enough since you may not necessarily get to use all of them. All workout helps sculpt your body to the level you need and at the same time sculpt your mind.

The Meal Plan and Recipes

The recipes for the meal plans are developed, focusing on essential ingredients that help with the nourishment you need for your body during the rest timeline. They also reduce inflammation and heal your gut as time goes by. The meals are both satiating and help in detoxifying your body and workout re-energizing. 

It would be best if you kept the meals as simple as possible to avoid extra energy unprioritized activities, which leads to digestion complications from the heavy meal combinations. The meals will leave you feeling de-bloated, light, and energized in the long run, which is what you need within your reset program. The meal-plans should encompass as many whole-food ingredients as possible for your body’s optimum transformation from inwards to show on the outside. Through this, you get to enjoy and appreciate how much simplicity can have a considerable impact on the overall outcome of your week-long rest program. 

The use of high-quality plant and animal protein and grains is essential across the whole meal set to ingest most of the nutrients within the rest schedule timeline. If you are on a budget, you can opt for other food substitutions to access the ingredients you need to make a wholesome recommended meal plan. Remember to still stick to the same thing even when you are substituting to keep the meal plan simple and incorporate as many fresh ingredients as possible.

For a start, you can create a personalized plan for each day. Try to make each day different to get to consume everything that is part of your checklist. For breakfast through the seven days, you can choose to start with fresh vegetable juices. 

You can choose carrot, beetroot, celery, parsley, coriander, wheat grass, celery, spinach, kale juices, or a mixture of two or three fruits. Adding chia seeds is also a good strategy since it provides extra nutrients to the morning diet. You can then follow this up with yoga exercises, swimming, or even a bike ride. You can switch it up with detoxifying herbal teas such as green teas or natural yogurts with organic ingredients for the next couple of days. 

For lunch, you can consider lightly steamed vegetables. Keep the vegetables organic and choose from mushrooms, mustard leaves, spinach, beetroot, fenugreek leaves, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic, and ginger. Your dinner meal plan is relatively the same as the lunch meals since it involved vegetables too. You can make vegetable stew from your favorite veggies and create a thick delicious broth. 

Meal Plan Preparation 

You can choose to follow the following process to set up your daily meal plan. You don’t have to follow the same procedure since you have the freedom to make the diet as flexible as you can. For the first day, you can start your morning by squeezing a half piece of lemon in a glass of warm water of herbal tea and let it sit for a while to get the ingredients immersed into the drink. 

You can change this up with other types of herbal teas but keep the onions present as much as you can. For the lunch and dinner meals, always sauté the meals with onions and garlic and use enough sea salt. Keep the meals in low temperatures to slow cook to get the whole nutrients out of the vegetables and other ingredients you use. Don’t use much oil, and make sure your meal is not overcooked too. 


You have to remember that there are snack recipes that you should not incorporate into your 7-day structure. Sticking to the recommended types of meals is best unless you want to make little to no progress at all during your 7-day reset program. 

You can navigate recommended food snacks in between meals but stick to the minimum levels. Giving your body time to process with a fasting period is useful, especially if you know your metabolism is slower than most. It is different for other people since others do well when they eat throughout the day. Keep a snack list that you can switch up between different fruits and keep to the minimum as you wait for the main meals.


Try hydrating snacks such as baby carrots, cucumbers, water chestnuts, seaweed snacks, and red and yellow sliced peppers. They get you more water content to help digest and get rid of toxins throughout the day and the entire program. 

The fruits are not quite enough to get maximum hydration; that’s why you must drink enough water to keep hydrated no matter the activities you participate in the entire day. Water doesn’t only keep you hydrated; it strengthens your immune system while at the same time boosting energy levels. You can top your water with fresh lemon or any other fruit you like to add taste and get more nutrients from the water and fruit content. 

Creating a morning and nighttime hydrating routine like a ritual is an excellent way to keep us with the process without slacking behind. For morning time, a minimum of 8-oz glass water is recommended. It should be at room temperature or slightly warm. If you are into coffee, you can enjoy it after hydrating. 

Remember that refined sugar intake is not ideal during the seven days, but you don’t have to get rid of them entirely. You can set limits and top up with other natural sugars and other ingredients, such as a half tablespoon of cinnamon and some coconut oil drops. The intake of coffee should be a maximum of two cups but sticking to one cup is better.

For the night hydrating ritual, you can make either turmeric or ginger tea enhanced with lemon and natural honey to keep up with the late-night cravings and support digestion for your last meal. 


It is vital to consider all the elements mentioned above and incorporate other personal regiments to make it unique and get the highest outcome at the end of the system. Commitment and discipline are vital when getting started and maintaining all through the plan and cycle for the highest progress you can get. Maintain the right workout and diet process and wait to see the difference. The entire process is excellent to sculpt your mind, sculpt your body and live a healthy life as you eat well. Social Club NY is a safe space to get more information so please email us with any questions.