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Staying Motivated During The Colder Months

Staying Motivated During The Colder Months

Staying Motivated During The Winter

Bikinis, the beach, and all around less clothing, creates plenty of motivation for us all to get our summer bodies in shape. Exercise options are unlimited, even beyond the gym, in those sunny days of summer. But what about the colder months? Unfortunately, the colder air can make us want to hide under the covers, getting up only to put on our slippers and make some hot cocoa. It is tough to stay motivated when we feel stuck inside. Don't hide out in your oversized sweaters! Start preparing your mindset now, to beat the winter exercise doldrums! 

Fresh Air

Mothers have been telling their children since the beginning of time, to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Mom was right (she always is). Breathing the outdoor air, even when it is cold, awakens your mind, and can lift your spirits. It can be tough to get motivated on a blustery winter morning, but the rejuvenation you will feel from pushing yourself out the door for a morning jog or walk, will be well worth it. Baby, it's cold outside...but bundle up, and get out there. 


Socializing is a little different these days, but can still be done. It's so easy to become a loner in the winter. Outdoor activities have ceased, and the sun goes down earlier, and earlier. However, for our emotional, and physical well-being, we need to make time for a social life. And while making that time, why not get a little exercise? You can always be social at Social Club :). #feelgoodtogether. Try a regularly scheduled online workout time with a friend. Wine is allowed. 


Is there any reason in life not to dance? We haven't found one yet. Dancing is  a "giggle making, can't help but smile, let's do that again." kind of activity. It is pure and simple fun. Imagine having fun and getting fit at the same time? Yes, it can happen, and dance cardio is the only way.