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How To Start Sleeping Better

How To Start Sleeping Better

To live a healthy lifestyle, we need three main things: nutrition, daily activity, and sleep. Sleep helps our bodies recover from the workouts we’ve been crushing, helps digest food, and overall keeps our energy levels up throughout the day. However, 35-50% of adults have trouble getting a good night’s rest. Having quality sleep has been linked to better mood, decreased blood sugar, and better weight management. Here are some best practices to follow before you lay your head for the best night of rest:

Make a To-Do List the Night Before

We can become overwhelmed with all that needs to get done for the next day before we head to bed, so try making a list on a piece of paper of all the things you would like to get done tomorrow right before you go to bed. By doing this, you will have everything that needs to get done on paper and not scrambling around in your head before you sleep. This will help relieve stress and motivate you for the day ahead!

Practice Meditation or Deep Breathing

Do you ever find that you get in bed, get comfortable under the warmth of your covers, but feel like you can’t relax your mind and body? Following a meditation audio that focuses on deep breathing and body scanning could help you get relaxed, keep anxious thoughts at bay, and get you to fall asleep easily. Meditation reduces heart rate and decreases blood pressure which contributes to overall calmness in the body.

Beware of Blue Light

Studies have shown that blue light from phones, laptops, and TVs can reduce the production of melatonin which is vital to helping us fall and stay asleep. Research has also shown that too much exposure to blue light can promote stressors in the skin that cause aging. So put away your phone and get your beauty sleep on!

Avoid Using Your Devices Before Bed Altogether

The easiest hack to a better sleep is to keep your phone, tablet, or laptop away from your bed before you are going to sleep. We often lose track of time when we check social media apps or emails, and what started as a “5-minute scroll before bed” turns into an hour and a half! Try to leave your devices across the room from your bed. If you use your phone as your alarm clock, having it across the room will give you more incentive to get up in the morning to go turn it off. That way, you’re already up and ready to start the day! 

An Exercise A Day Keeps The Stress Away

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety, and it has also been linked to a better sleep cycle. Daily exercise can help us relieve stress and tension by boosting endorphins and reduce cortisol (a.k.a the stress hormone). Social Club offers a variety of at-home workouts that will get your heart pumping and body moving, so make sure to check them out!