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How To Manage Everyday Lower Back Pain

How To Manage Everyday Lower Back Pain
How to Manage Everyday Spinal pain
One of the worst pains that most people live with is spinal pain. Different reasons like injury, aging, and lousy back workout routines cause this pain. However, the most common type of back pain is lower back pain. Lower spinal pain directly affects the economy in that most employees do not go to work when the pain gets worse.

The reason that makes this spinal pain worse is that the lower back supports the entire upper body. With the various rigorous activities that the upper body does, there is a lot of stress and strain to that part of the back. The strain occurs when we do our daily activities like lifting and twisting. Here are some of the ways to help you reduce the effects of spinal pain as well as avoid back problems in the future:

Having perfect posture when doing any activity
When you need to do any physical activity, you must ensure that you have a perfect posture. When you are involved in sports, or your job involves repetitive motions, you need to take care of your back. When your nature of work involves lifting heavy products, you need to know the perfect way to lift the weights.

When you are lifting, bend and straighten yourself from the knees and not from the waist. When you need to twist from side to side, ensure that you move your hips to reduce your back strain.

Have the perfect sitting posture
When you are in the office, ensure that you try to sit straight up and avoid slouching, you can ask the employer to provide ergonomic seats. When you are sitting at your desk, it is crucial to ensure that your feet are on the ground. When you have fixed your feet on the ground, you reduce the stress to your back.

When you are using your computer, you need to make sure that you do not hunch forward to see what is on the computer screen. You should also not move forward to reach your mouse. The computer screen and the mouse should be in reach from your right sitting position.

Make use of ice or heat
When you have had an accident or an injury on your back, you need to ensure that you apply ice within the first 24 to 72 hours. Ice application is essential because it ultimately reduces the swelling of the injured part. After you have applied the ice for some time, you need to apply heat.

Applying heat helps in relaxing the muscles that were tight due to the injury and the ice application. The use of heat is critical when dealing with chronic pains of the back that are not a result of an injury. When you decide to use either ice or heat, you need to ensure that you do not use the treatment for more than 20 minutes. It is to make sure you do not harm your skin.

Stretching of the muscles in the back
When you stretch the muscles in your back, it is the perfect way to relieve acute and chronic spinal pain. In that the back project's muscles in different directions, you need to know all the various types of stretches you can do. With a perfect stretching routine, you get to protect yourself from future back problems. Some of the fundamental back stretches are:

• It would be best if you start by lying down flat on your back and you pull your knees up to your chest

• You can lie flat on your back, stretch out your arms on your side until you make the shape of the letter" T." Afterwards, bend one knee and twist it towards the straight leg on the floor. Then try to touch the bent knee to the floor that is stretched. It is known as a spinal twist.

• You lie flat on your back, extend your arms over your head and then lift your body from the ground to stretch your back.

Adorn the perfect footwear
The type of shoes you wear has a direct impact on the strain to your back, your posture, and your stability. When you have the perfect shoes, you will walk upright and minimize the risk of suffering spinal pains.

Each activity that you are doing should have the best shoes specific for the activity. If you need to run or are exercise, you need to wear comfortable sneakers. When you are doing the heavy lifting, you have to put on comfortable boots.

Other types of unsupportive shoes like flip flops, very high heels tend to cause increased pressure to the lower back. It is usually after being used for an extended period.

Check your weight
When you are overweight, you increase the amount of strain on your back. As you progress and start to age, the strain's effect on your back will be evident. You need to ensure that you follow your doctor's advice on the perfect exercise and diet to manage your weight. Healthy life not only helps your back but also lets you live a long life.

Indulge in various activities and training
Home workout is one of the perfect ways to reduce back pain. When you have spinal pain, you do not have to stay in bed the whole day. Instead, find low impact workout that you can do in the house. Social Club PLAY sculpt workouts are low impact, functional and very well explained. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the workout or how it can affect or help your injury.

With a private session, our trainers will ensure that you have a functional workout program targeting the back to reduce the pain. The low impact workout will ensure that you live a healthy life and also work on your back.

Purchase medication
Some medications are sold over the counter, including anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs help in reducing the swelling of the back while at the same time they aid in pain relief. When you take this type of medication, ensure that you take them for a few days non-stop until the swelling on your back reduces.

Different persons have different reactions when it comes to medication. That is why you need to ask your doctor for the perfect medication you can use not to affect your health.

Chiropractor and masseuse
Many people go for a massage for different reasons. However, other than stretches, another way to reduce back pain is by having a massage. A perfect massage will help reduce the tension in the back and help to lengthen shortened muscles. When you have healthy back muscles, you will have perfect stability.

Have the perfect mattress
The mattress that you sleep on has a direct impact on the health of your back. However, if you have a back problem, you need to make sure that you sleep on a medium-firm mattress. On the other hand, the sleeping position you prefer will also determine what type of mattress is the best for you.

There is a direct link between the sleeping posture you prefer and the type of mattress you must have. If you prefer sleeping on your side, you need to have a softer mattress. However, if you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach, you need to have a firm mattress. You need to avoid altogether sleeping on your stomach if you have lower back problems.

Final thoughts
Suppose your spinal pain does not go down after about 4 to 6 weeks of using the above home care steps. Then you need to consult a doctor. Some items are a red flag that may cause spinal pain, and if you have any of these, you have to see a doctor immediately.

• If you have had a fall or an accident

• If you have drastically lost weight

• If you feel overly tired

• If you have nerve issues, like numbness, shooting pain, and tingling

• If you have changes in bladder or bowel function

• If you have had cancer or a recent infection

There are other ways to manage spinal pain, like pain management, physiotherapy, and even surgery. However, if you follow the above steps to the letter, you will find that you will have a healthy back and body.

When indulging in sports, the teams' coaches must advise the youth on playing the sport to avoid long term back problems. The teams should have a qualified trainer and doctor who ensures that the team members conform to the set standards.

Giving your back a break is also a perfect way to ensure that the back gets time to self-heal. After a rigorous exercise or sports, you need to give the back a break. The break can stretch up to a few days so that all the strain in your back disappears, getting you rejuvenated. You need to ensure that you know your limitations. Knowing your limits, especially when doing the heavy lifting, will come a long way in ensuring that you protect your back in the long run.