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We Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts About Firm Butts

We Bet You Didn’t Know These Facts About Firm Butts

It cushions your seat, helps your hips sway, and is just plain cute! With many important jobs, and as one of the largest muscles in your body, your glutes deserve some fitness attention! You might be surprised at the things you don’t know about your peach!

Your Booty Has a Lot of Muscle

You've probably heard that the gluteus maximus is a large, powerful muscle. If so, you heard correctly. It is designed to help hold your torso up and move your hips so you can walk properly. Besides the gluteus maximus helping your fabulous butt to do its jobs, there are two more muscles: the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. They all work together to keep your butt in working, sexy condition. And just like any muscle, they need a workout to stay strong. 

It Takes More Than Squats

You can squat until you are blue in the face (we don't recommend it), but to get that perky behind you are seeking, you need more variety in your butt workout routine. Be sure to add some lunges, leg lifts, and hip thrusts to get all of those glute muscles working. Talk to your trainer about other ideas. 

Eat Your Way to a Bigger Butt

If a bigger backside is what you are seeking, look at your diet. Don't just start pounding burgers, assuming the fat will go right to your behind. That would be too easy! Instead, for the sake of your health, enjoy some extra avocado, salmon, eggs, and nuts. There are plenty of "good fats" that will help you accomplish a curvy butt. Add the right workout routine and you should see big changes! I mean, cmon. Have you seen Javi’s butt? social club did that! 

Get Off Your Ass

Sorry to be harsh, but the reality is many of us are on our butts more than ever. Certainly, your behind is enjoying a little rest, but you won't enjoy the results of a flat bottom after sitting on those muscles day in and day out. Stand whenever possible when working at your computer. Take a walk when you get a break, and make time for a daily workout that’s partly focused on your butt. We have plenty of streaming videos just for that on social club PLAY.

Just like any muscle … use it or lose it!