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New Year Resolution - How to Actually Achieve Your Fitness Goals This Year

New Year Resolution - How to Actually Achieve Your Fitness Goals This Year

At the beginning of almost every year we all set fitness goals like run a marathon, squat our body weight, and of course have a slammin' bod. As we all soon find out though, it is much easier to create these resolutions than it is to actually put in the work to succeed. Follow these tips to stay consistent with your workouts and achieve your goals. 


Focus on Just Starting

Every single day we run into excuses to keep us from working out. To limit these excuses, just focus on starting to work out. Given all the restrictions of COVID-19 and advancing technologies, such as the social club PLAY streaming workouts, there is no gym commute excuse anymore. You don't have to take the subway or a taxi to the studio, you can get your workout in right from home. 


Not having the time during your hectic day for a workout is another common excuse. Start simple and take baby steps. Begin exercising twice a week and work your way up to five or six days. This will help you build workout time into your schedule. Jumping in too fast will just cause burnout. It's also important not to treat working out like an all-or-nothing activity. A quick 20 minutes of cardio may not have been the 60-minute workout you planned, but it's better than nothing if you're in a time crunch. 


Track Your Progress 

Let's face it, you cannot run 26 miles straight on your first run. You just can't. However, you can't allow yourself to quit because you're not getting immediate results. Rome wasn't built in a day, right? Neither is a six-pack of abs. Keep pushing and realize you'll see the results in time. Another simple way to keep you motivated is to focus on the improvements you make. Log your gains and take progress pictures along the way. In a few months, check back and see your massive improvement. Send us the pics, chat with us about your goals and we will help you achieve them. #feelgoodtogether


Find Your Motivation 

Every person has a unique thing that will keep them motivated. This could be finding something you love to do, like the fun of moving your body with Javi and listening to amazing upbeat music. For others, this could be buying chic new workout gear and perhaps laying it out the night before. Maybe motivation will come by finally wearing those clothes for something other than Athleisure.

In order to achieve your fitness goals (and that slammin' bod), it's important to find what works for you and stick to it. Follow these tips and you're sure to keep your workout plan and succeed.