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Stretch Your Way to Better Health

Stretch Your Way to Better Health

We get it. Working out takes serious motivation. While adorning your cross trainers and stretchy pants, you are pumped up and ready to jump into an intense workout. Right before you begin, you know you should stretch, but...ugh...let's face it, stretching can seem kind of boring. It's true, stretching those muscles before you put them to work may not be as exciting as the actual workout, but it is absolutely, equally important. 

Prepare Your Muscles

What good is all of your hard work, if you cause yourself an injury? Stretching before exercise prepares your muscles. It literally loosens them up so you can strengthen them safely. Imagine your muscles all tight and stiff while exercising, as compared to a loosened up muscle with more flexibility. It simply makes sense. You only get one set of muscles. You already take great care of them every time you choose exercise over popcorn and Netflix (no offense, Netflix). Add stretching every time to your fitness routine, to make that workout the best, and safest it can be. 

Treat Your Muscles

Pat yourself on the back for squeezing a workout in. Then thank your muscles with a much needed stretch. If it weren't for them, your exercise routine would not be possible. Flexibility is a must as you progress with your fitness goals. Just as we enjoy a nice massage, our muscles are soothed, and relieved of tension, as we stretch them after all of their hard work...and they don't even require soft lighting and calming music. That means more flexibility for you, and fewer muscle cramps.

Not only is muscle lengthened and flexibility increased with regular stretching, but our bodies also benefit from improved circulation, and better range of motion in our joints. So you see...stretching isn't just a possible option to quickly accomplish so we can get to the fun part of getting a great sweat going. It is an overall health benefit, and our bodies need it just as much as excellent nutrition and consistent fitness. If you have been putting off stretching, thinking you'll get to it next time, think again. Focus on the importance of it, and start enjoying the benefits.

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