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Dance Your Way To Fitness

Dance Your Way To Fitness

Is there any reason in life not to dance? We haven't found one yet. Dancing is  a "giggle making, can't help but smile, let's do that again." kind of activity. It is pure and simple fun. Imagine having fun and getting fit at the same time? Yes, it can happen, and dancing is one of the best avenues for it!

Twist and Shout for Strength and Flexibility

Dancing uses every muscle in your body (unless you are a really boring dancer). Your core is getting an excellent workout while you shake, twist, jump, and sway. A stronger core means better balance, fewer back problems, and better posture. 

It's not just your core that gets a muscle workout while dancing. Think about how you use your legs and arms while acting like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.  Besides building strength, your muscles will feel the benefit of better flexibility, the more often you dance.

Burn Baby Burn

We all love to burn calories. Dancing offers an excellent cardio workout, and calorie burning enjoyment. Your heart rate rises as you sweat to the beat...and that means calories are burning. Any movement that gets that heart rate going, is great for your cardiovascular system, and great for shedding calories. So go ahead and eat the cake - just be sure to dance it off later. 

Say Goodbye to Stress

We wish we could promise you a permanent vacation from stress, but alas, we are not that powerful. However...we can suggest our CardioClub Class to escape stress temporarily, and help reduce it for the long haul. Dancing releases endorphins, otherwise known as "happy hormones," which may explain why you can't stop smiling while boogying. Done on a regular basis, dancing can absolutely bring your stress down. As we all know, stress is nothing to be ignored, as it can affect your overall health. Keep the stress levels down, and the mental health up. #feelgoodtogether

Life is a little different for us all these days. We have had to change our ideas of what fitness looks like. As we all continue to encourage and build each other up, let's stay positive, and have some fun trying new things. The next time you turn your living room or kitchen into a dance floor, remember you are not alone. We are all dancing, smiling, and staying fit together. Now go shake it, you sexy beast.