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Find Your Way to Better Balance with Unilateral Training

Find Your Way to Better Balance with Unilateral Training

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned veteran, unilateral training is a great element to add to your weekly routine. At social club, all of our classes focus on training your body unilaterally. And while we take our customers and their results seriously, you can count on our team to deliver fun classes and never take themselves too seriously! 

Unilateral Training 101

Unilateral training is a type of workout that isolates one muscle group, on one side of your body at a time. Lunges and single leg squats are popular unilateral exercises so chances are you're more prepared for our classes than you think! So why is unilateral training so good for you?

Correct Muscle Imbalances

We all have a dominant and a non-dominant side, it's natural! Over time our dominant side will take over while other muscles compensate for our weaker side. Unilateral training allows you to isolate each side, helping to correct imbalances created by dominant side takeover.

Improve Your Balance and Core Strength

Your core is connected to your hips which together help you to balance. When you do single leg exercises, you are activating the muscles of the superficial core and improving your balance. Even when you perform upper body unilateral movements, your core is engaged! 

How to Check for Imbalances

You may be wondering, can I benefit from unilateral training? While the answer is "yes!," here are some simple ways you can gauge your strength and check for imbalances before taking your first Social Club class.

Single Leg Squats

This exercise checks for imbalances in your glutes, hips, and quads. While squatting down, your knee should stay in line with your thigh. If it does not, we'll help you build strength on the weak side with jump squats and lunges.

Single Leg Bridge

Practicing a single leg bridge checks the strength of your hips. When performing this exercise, check that your hips are the same height. If one side is lower than the other, don't worry! You'll work on lots of planks, bridges, and single leg lifts while you're at Social!

It is important to remember that imbalances are normal and can be improved while having a great time! At Social Club NY we are all about creating a fun, inclusive environment for you to work out and feel great. Check out our app and workout with our professional, high-energy trainers from wherever you are!