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meet Javi

Co-Founder & Head Trainer

I created Social Club because exercising with my friends makes me happy AF. I love seeing familiar faces day after day, building relationships with my clients, and tracking their individual progress. Over the years, I have seen the positive effects group fitness has had on my clients, in and out of the studio, and I want to continue expanding and growing as a family. I truly believe that exercise should not only be effective — it should be fun! Smart fitness can be both and you don’t have to do it alone! Join Social Club and #feelgoodtogether.

Exercise was not something I ever looked forward to, it was a chore. The method that Javi has created not only makes me crave and look forward to exercising every day, but my body has never looked better and my stamina and physical abilities are just so different than when I began working out with him 3 years ago. 

The friends that have become family through Javi and Brooke are also a major encouragement and motivation when you so look forward to seeing them in class. Thank you for bringing this incredible force into my life.

— Davitta N

Javi’s energy is infectious; even on my least motivated days it never takes more than a few minutes of his positivity, dance arms and upbeat playlist to turn it all around. The workouts are always challenging, but somehow still accessible, and it’s really addictive to feel your own progress. More than anything though, Social Club is fun and that’s what I want my movement to be, something I look forward to doing.

— Daniela G

Social Club saved me from the covid blues! Starting my day with Javi made me feel inspired, happy and strong. More than just the classes being both challenging and fun, it introduced me to a community of truly wonderful people.

— Jessica Z

Being an ex-college athlete, I’ve tried probably every method of workout to lean out my years of bulk. Enter Javi - suddenly I was working out less and achieving my dream of strong, lean lines. He makes every workout feel like a private class by correcting individual form and remembering even the smallest personal details. In all honesty- Javi has changed my life through both helping me build the body I want and helping me love the body I have. His positive, welcoming personality is reflected in his entire community and I've met some of my best friends through his classes. Social Club is the only fitness community that truly delivers unpretentious, dance-till-you-beam workouts while transforming your body. I’m forever grateful!

— Juliana G